• Market Fresh Corn Salad
  • Perfect BLT with Sweet Spicy Bacon & Avocado
  • Best Ever! Sweet Spicy Bacon! Bacon! Bacon!
  • Rainier Cherry Pie Bites
  • Grilled Peach & Pepper Jack Pizza
Fresh Peach Jam - this classic jam is bursting w/fresh peach flavor. Quadruple the recipe to enjoy the just-picked peach goodness all year. Simply Sated

Fresh Peach Jam

Fresh Peach Jam is my gift to you. Not only for today, but every day from now until eternity.  No, no – it’s okay! Don’t even think about returning the favor; just pretend it’s your birthday. For the past fifteen years, I have bought the best peach jam in the world, from my favorite booth,… 

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Market Fresh Corn Salad. The BEST of corn salads use the freshest ingredients: corn straight off the cob & summer tomatoes. Summer captured in a bowl. Simply Sated

Market Fresh Corn Salad

I love summer for many reasons, but the #1 reason is the fresh, gorgeous, vibrant foods that define the season. Market Fresh Corn Salad with corn cut fresh off the cob and just-picked, homegrown cherry tomatoes, is a bowl of edible summer. To be honest, I actually have a love/hate relationship … [Read More...]

Perfect BLT with Sweet Spicy Bacon & Avocado. Yes, THE perfect BLT with sweet, spicy bacon and avocados. After one bite, you will think you are in Heaven. Simply Sated

Perfect BLT with Sweet Spicy Bacon & Avocado

The definition of “perfect” according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary is …having no mistakes or flaws, and that is exactly how I feel about Perfect BLT with Sweet & Spicy Bacon & Avocado. I first saw GZ’s (Geoffrey Zakarian’s) Ultimate BLT on an episode of The Kitchen. I have put my own … [Read More...]

Best Ever! Sweet Spicy Bacon! Bacon! Bacon!! The perfect spice blend - the perfect bacon!! Oh my gosh! With the first bite, I died and went to Heaven! Simply Sated

Best Ever! Sweet Spicy Bacon! Bacon! Bacon!

I love it when I take a bite of a new culinary creation and think, “Oh my gosh!! Are you kidding me? This is so darned delicious!!”   That is exactly what happened when I first tasted Best Ever! Sweet Spicy Bacon! Bacon! Bacon! I yelled for Jeff, “Honey, come here - now!  You have to taste how … [Read More...]

Rainier Cherry Pie Bites -deconstructed cherry pie bites. Sweet, juicy, cinnamon-y, lovely bites made with uncooked cherries & drizzled with almond honey. Simply Sated

Rainier Cherry Pie Bites

Rainier Cherry Pie Bites were created out of necessity. I have been having serious cherry pie cravings and when I spied these beauties at the market, my cravings intensified.  I needed – yes, needed – a bite of cherry pie. I blame my husband, Jeff, and here is the reason why.  My love of cherry … [Read More...]

Grilled Peach & Pepper Jack Pizza (EASY) flatbread topped with Sargento Pepper Jack & Provolone Cheese slices, grilled peaches, deli ham, basil & honey. Simply Sated

Grilled Peach & Pepper Jack Pizza

I love peaches, I love cheese, and I love, love, love Grilled Peach & Pepper Jack Pizza.  When the flavors of this pizza met – they immediately said “I do”. This love song was sung at their wedding…  I love peaches, I love cheese, I love the flatbread and it loves me. Peaches and cheese … [Read More...]

Peachy-Keen Grilled Peaches. The technique is simple, but not the taste. Grilling peaches gives them a deeper sweetness and a subtle smoky flavor. Simply Sated

Peachy-Keen Grilled Peaches

  Peachy-Keen Grilled Peaches are “spectacular and they are real” to quote a famous Seinfeld show line. The best summer recipes are all about fresh ingredients, all about easy and all about flavor, and with Peachy-Keen Grilled Peaches, all the boxes are checked. There is almost no food … [Read More...]

Peach Bourbon Baby Back Ribs. The BEST RIBS EVER!! Perfectly seasoned, fall-off-the-bone, tender ribs baked then grilled with peach bourbon barbecue sauce. Simply Sated

Peach Bourbon Baby Back Ribs

It isn’t every day my husband, Jeff, walks in the door with a bottle of peach bourbon tucked safely in his suitcase. In fact, that day was the first time it had ever happened – with Jeff. At the end of this post, I’ll share a story about the first (and only other) time the other residing parent … [Read More...]

White Chocolate Tamales with Honey Roasted Pecans. These tasty treats are fun to make & delicious to eat - the perfect sweet ending to any meal. Simply Sated

White Chocolate Tamales

I don't often fall in love at first sight, but that is exactly what happened when introduced to White Chocolate Tamales.  After my first meal at Canyon Cafe, the waiter brought tightly rolled up corn husks to the table.  I looked at the waiter - he looked at me then said, "Please, slowly unroll the … [Read More...]

Berry-Topped French Toast Bagels w/Cobblestone Bread Co. Bagels-a great way to start the day. French toasted bagels topped w/fresh berries & cream cheese. Simply Sated

Berry-Topped French Toast Bagels

Berry-Topped French Toast Bagels. Great bread and the USA haven’t always held hands – a sentiment brought home by Julia Child’s famous quote, "How can a nation be great if its bread tastes like Kleenex?” Julia was talking about the type of white bread USA baby boomers grew up eating. You know, … [Read More...]

12 Winners for Easter Dinner(s). Twelve winning recipes from drinks to desserts to make Easter dinner the best ever - from Simply Sated & The Cookie Rookie

12 Winners for Easter Dinner(s)

12 Winners for Easter Dinner(s). Welcome!  The Cookie Rookie (my daughter, Becky) and I have picked twelve fantastic recipes to share with you this Easter. Whether it's Becky’s Apple Ginger-Glazed Ham or my Homemade Lemonade with Berry Cream, these 12 Winners for Easter Dinner(s) are sure to … [Read More...]

Pastel Mint Brownies are easy, lovely and delicious, and I dare you to eat just one. Brownie mix brownies topped warm with Lammes Candies Sherbet Mints. Simply Sated

Pastel Mint Brownies

Do you need an easy dessert? Do you need an easy, pretty, delicious dessert that will work for any time of the year and any occasion?   All right(y) then, you have come to the perfect place to get the dessert you need, Pastel Mint Brownies. If my husband and I happen to be traveling on a Sunday, … [Read More...]

Pesto on Eggs topped with Sugared Pecans is a delicious and beautiful way to serve hard-cooked eggs. Pesto, eggs, smoked paprika, sugared pecans & Panko. Simply Sated

Pesto on Eggs

  The two main characters in Pesto on Eggs topped with Honey Roasted Pecans are, of course, pesto and eggs. First let’s talk about pesto. As I often do when preparing a recipe, I like to learn a little background information on the food I’m preparing. I found some interesting tidbits about … [Read More...]