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Peeps On Parade. Peeps couples all dressed up for the Easter Parade. Perfectly tied bow ties for the men and bonnets with flowers for the ladies. Simply Sated
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Peeps On Parade

Peeps couples all dressed up for the Easter Parade. Candy bow ties for the men and candy flower bonnets for the ladies.
Course Cake Decoration, Easter Dessert, Easter Treat
Prep Time 15 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Author Susie Gall


  • Chick Peeps
  • -------------------------
  • For Bonnets & Bow Ties:
  • Gum Drops Candies
  • Clear scripting gel icing gel
  • Wilton Icing Decorations flowers in six colors
  • Rainbow Nerds Candies
  • Easter cake/cupcake sprinkles
  • Heart cake/cupcake sprinkles for bow ties
  • -------------------
  • Special Equipment Needed:
  • Fondant cutter or mini cookie cutter round or flower shaped
  • Fondant roller or rolling pin


  1. Sprinkle counter top or cutting board with sugar.
  2. To Make the Bonnets:
  3. Roll out gum drop with fondant roller or rolling pin then use the fondant/cookie cutter to cut out base of the bonnet.
  4. Using scripting gel, glue flower decoration onto the gumdrop base with scripting gel.
  5. Place a drop of scripting gel in the middle of the flower then place two nerd candies and an Easter sprinkle on top of the "glue" to make the bonnet.
  6. Attach the bonnet to the peep. Voila!
  7. ------------------
  8. To Make Bow Ties:
  9. Glue two heart shaped sprinkles, points touching, on the "neck" of the peep.
  10. Enjoy!